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Voice Analysis

Voice record analysis, recorded voice to text writing, voice record sharpening, voice enhancement, voice filtering, voice analysis report

Video Analysis

Video analysis, video enhancement, video sharpening, video filtering, criminal video analysis, video forensic analysis report

Computer Forensics

Computer forensic analysis, internet history analysis, internet frauds, virus analysis, forgotten password finding, password cracking

Smartphone Forensics

Whatsapp history, skpye history, mobile phone analysis, phone analysis report, forensic phone analysis, mobile phone data recovery

Forensic Data Recovery

Raw disk data recovery, harddisk data recovery, image disk recovery, data recovery from mobile phone, flash data recovery

Forensic Data Wipe

Destruction of data on old computers of companies. Wipe only data of the criminal element in the forensic grounds

Digital Forensic Consultancy

Advisory company that will guide companies, individuals and lawyers, Digital Forensic Consultancy

Internal Auditor

Computer Forensic, weakness analysis, vulnerability scanning, wifi-modem analysis, customer theft, virus analysis, spyware detection

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Since 2008, every day we add new ones to our experience with new investigations and on-site interventions. Our team have a Graduate Degree Master of Science (MSc) thesis about Digital forensic investigation.

When they are made by people who are not experts of Forensic Informatics, the materials they examine are losing evidence. All our work is carried out in accordance with international standards so as not to disturb the integrity of the evidence.